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Individual Health and Dental

What is individual health and dental? Health and Dental Insurance compensates the insured for medial and dental expenses which can become exceedingly heavy if you aren't covered.

Whether you're self employed or your company's coverage doesn't meet all your needs, you may need to purchase an individual policy to ensure that you and your family can afford the procedures and medicine you require to stay healthy.

Key Person Insurance

In many small businesses, the success of the business is built around the talents, skills and expertise of either the owner, a key person or both.

The individuals are able to drive the organization forward, to motivate the employees and attract the clients. They are the business! The loss of that key person puts the sustainablity of the operation into question.

Businesses can purchase corporate-owned life insurance on the lives of their key people. If one of these key people dies, the business receives a tax free death benefit which can be used to meet expenses and repay debts, easing the fears of creditors.

Buy/Sell Insurance  

Many co-owners of small business tend to function on a trust relationship without a written agreement to govern their activities. Each owner trusts that the other owners will act according to the relationship they have enjoyed. It may put the business at risk to place to much trust in this verbal agreement. In particular, things can unexpectedly occur to affect the relationship of many business owners such as: - the death of one of the owners - the permanent disability of one of the owners The business should always have a shareholders agreement in place, more commonly called a Buy-Sell agreement. This legal document covers the terms of ownership and operation of the business and usually deals with the above mentioned scenarios. The agreement often includes a formula or process for valuing the business to simplify the buy-out of an owner.

There also needs to be funding in case of an unexpected event; life insurance upon death and disability insurance upon sickness or injury.

Group Business

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